Venue and Fees

The registration fee of EUR 200 (or an equivalent in USD or Russian Roubles) for participants and EUR 100 for accompanying persons will be accepted (in cash only) during the registration of the participants in Suzdal. The registration fee includes: car transportation from Moscow airports or railway stations to Suzdal and back, coffee breaks, welcome party, banquet, social events. Some limited financial support is possible on request preferably for young scientists from Russia and other JINR Member States and European countries.

Suzdal is located on the river Kamenka 35 km north of Vladimir. The history of the town dates back to at least the year 1024. It is called Sursdalar or Sudrdala (the southern valley) in the Norse Sagas, which probably also is the origin of the town's name. For centuries it functioned as the capital of several Russian principalities. It forms part of the Golden Ring. It was chartered in 1777. After a decline in political importance, the town rose in prominence as a religious center with numerous monasteries and a remarkable ratio of churches to citizens: at one point, forty churches for four hundred families. Today, the town operates as an important tourist center, featuring many fine examples of old Russian architecture most of them churches and monasteries. Walking through the town, one might get the feeling that every third building is a church. Although having over ten thousand residents, Suzdal still retains a rural look with streams and meadows everywhere and chicken and livestock a common sight on the streets, some of which remain unpaved. This juxtaposition of stunning medieval architecture with its pastoral setting lends Suzdal a picturesque charm and in the summer artists and easels are a common sight.